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Juno 2007 [English] HDrip (by BAXMYRKA)

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Language: English
Runtime: 96 min
Subtitles: French
Resolution: 720x480
Frame Rate: 24 fps
Video Bitrate: 2924 Kb/sec
Audio Bitrate: 384 kbps

Faced with an unplanned pregnancy offbeat young woman makes an unusual decision for an unborn child.

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Users review: What Juno separates from other movies about teen pregnancy is that, in this case, 16-year-old finds himself in a predicament that refuses to be a victim of circumstances. Since then it confirms the bad news, Juno studied its options - abortion, raising a child as a single parent of teenagers, adoption - it takes matters into his own hands. As the Roman goddess who is his namesake, Juno is a lively, often sharp-tongued man who prides himself on his observations of cynicism and his cynical way urgency. However, Shes not above appealing to adults in his life, when the problems of the world get to grow much for her (although in some cases, adults cope with more serious problems than it is). However, Juno ensures that he and only he will have the last word when it comes to determining the course of their own future and the future of child.Juno is a rare low-budget, independent feature finds unexpected success in major strike chord recognition of audiences across the demographic spectrum. First-time screenwriter Diablo Cody hit a vein with clear eyes, mostly unsentimental script that is not afraid to go in unexpected and exciting directions and to prevent its patronizing Central America characters. Junos father and stepmother were able to take in stride news as yuppie couple resting on Juno eligibility Childs give depth and complexity far lesser writer might have opened before them. Director Jason Reitman hold pretentiousness to a minimum and allows scenes to play in a naturalistic, nakakalibang way. Confident in the strength and appeal of his material, it allows gentle human comedy speak for itself.In star-making turn, the young Ellen Page takes a bold approach to his character, often bringing Juno right to limit The UN-likability, then remove the only decisive moment, forcing us to see the whole cute she really is. As a parent Childs, Michael Cera almost the same passive lovably soap nerd so we took him, and JK Simmons and Allison Jenny particularly rich shade Junos provide parenting support. Jason Bateman and Jennifer garner also leave its mark as the pair put their picture in the local section of the child would throwaway.Juno faced with a lack of any independent film that unexpectedly drew the boundaries of art house and He suddenly duking in multiplexes with all the high-budget, high-octane, testosterone-laden blockbusters - such as risk of inflated expectations. So, my advice is to look beyond all the hype and box office record and just let Juno sneak in and pick you up in their own quiet, unique fashion. I think it works best that way.

Year: 2007
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Director: Jason Reitman
Starring: Ellen Page, Michael Cera, Jennifer Garner

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