Wednesday, October 30, 2013

About Time 2013 [Eng] Download

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Language: English
Runtime: 123 min
Subtitles: Italian
Resolution: 720x480
Frame Rate: 25 fps
Video Bitrate: 3226 Kb/sec
Audio Bitrate: 440 kbps

At age 21, Tim finds out? MAY e? E travel back in time and change what is happening and has happened in his own? Lives. His decision to take the world by? E has a girlfriend better? Also a place that may not be as simple as possible? INSTRUCTION think.

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Users review: Initial impressions of a book, movie, play, piece of music etc can be hasty. Sometimes I have revised my opinion of that work for the passage of time. I am confident, however, that I should not change my view on About Time, with their sheer brilliance is completely bowled me over. Its not just one of the best films I've seen recently. Its one of the best I've ever seen. Yes, I think good.About Time is a romantic comedy about the vicissitudes of life and love. Its funny, smart, intelligent and very funny. But its also a movie perhaps somewhat surprising depth. The highlight of the film is the relationship between Tim (Domnhall Gleeson), a young lawyer living in London, and his father (Bill Nighy), residing at Tims mother (Lindsay Duncan) in Cornwall. Tims father was capable of time travel. He can not change history when doing so: but he can review past experiences and events in his own life and change their results. Tim inherited this ability from his father (a gift apparently inherited male side of the family). He uses to improve his love life. It builds a strong bond and a young family with Mary (Rachel McAdams). But he soon realized that his extraordinary gifts to protect him from the normal ups and downs of family life. In fact, one of the most moving scenes in the film (and there are many) is a conversation Tim has with his father learning that has terminal cancer. The presentation scenario, direction and soundtrack is first-class. The humor is superb. There is one very funny scene where Tim nervously meets his prospective in-laws for the first time and blurt admission that he and Mary do not practice oral sex. There is also a very funny sex scenes. The soundtrack includes music performed by The Cure, Amy Winehouse and Nick Cave. In fact, the song featured Cave, in my arms, generates subject to the themes presented in the film and gets specific mention of Tims father when he discussed his funeral arrangements with Tim. About Time is a very watchable film, smart and witty that can be easily originated in mawkishness and sentimentality. But it is not. Film brilliant mind viewers raised all kinds of important questions about life, love and her loyalty. Go and see it. 10/10.

Year: 2013
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi
Director: Richard Curtis
Starring: Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy

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